Quizlet, let the quiz begin!

by freepogos4all


Flashcards, word pronunciation, writing quizzes. These are all elements present in Quizlet, which allows students to understand and learn better. However, how exactly does it work, and how students are supposed to use it to facilitate their language learning skills?

Quizlet is actually very easy to use. It is free for most of its content, however some teachers might consider getting a premium membership for 15$ a year (a bit more than 1$ a month!) if they would like to add their own pronunciation of certain words, remove the adds, upload their own images and more. This can be interesting if you want to add funny voices (for elementary school level for instance) or with different accents. However, the free version itself has a LOT to offer.

The first thing that needs to be done, after signing up for free, is to create a new set. This basically allows you to create your own study cards for any language you need, and believe me, there are many languages offered. Afterwards, all you need to do is add the words on the right columns, their translation or definition, and add the title to your very own quiz! You can also set the privacy setting, if ever you want to keep your quiz to yourself, or add a password, if you want to share it with your students only at a specific time.  Here is an example of some flash cards on French food, that would allow students learning English and French to learn the equivalent in the other language.

On top of that, Quizlet offers the pronunciation  of every word that you write. That way, students do not only see the words, but can hear it and repeat it after. This feature is available in 18 languages, and is most definitely one of the most interesting and important aspect of Quizlet. If you want more information on what can be done, visite their website or this article explaining many different things you can do with Quizlet.

Overall, Quizlet is a interesting and easy to use tool in order to practice what you learnt in class. Both teacher and students can create their own flashcards and share it with other members of the class or over the internet. Moreover, there is also an application offered for Android or on the App Store to have access to your quizzes you made, and after downloading them, can even study them offline! The possibilities are endless.

Now, let’s take a quiz, shall we?