Prezi – make it easy and pretty, not ugly and cheezy!

by freepogos4all


Have you ever felt tired, sad, and depressed about having to do an oral presentation? Have you ever felt as if you were stuck in a mold, having to use PowerPoint and switch slides in order to present your ideas?

This is all over with Prezi! Using this awesome website, you can create an awesome presentation using your creativity! You’ll be able to zoom in and out, create mid-maps in a more logical way than PowerPoint, while still being able to add pictures or videos from YouTube.

As this article mentions, there are various reasons why someone would prefer Prezi. For starters, using your creativity instead of being linear. Ideas come in a variety of forms. They can split like a hand, where the main idea is the hand itself and then splits into fingers. They can be in the form of a family tree, splitting indefinitely. A good example for this would be this Prezi.  A PowerPoint presentation does not allow such creativity, or at least won’t be as well represented visually, as a Prezi can. Another reason why to use Prezi is that it is online. All you need is an internet connection, nothing to download, and you’re ready for you oral presentation!

There are, however, negative points in Prezi as well. As mentioned by Phil Waknell on his own WordPress, it is important that the audience focuses on the speaker, and not only on what he shows on the board. A good mix of both is usually best, however people can abuse Prezi and make it so that everything zooms in and out so much that nausea will be the only thing anyone will think about. Moreover, Prezi is somewhat more limited in the backgrounds offered, and is a bit harder to learn than PowerPoint.

However, as mentioned on this article, Prezi can be easily shared and allows up to 10 people to work on a project simultaneously, which makes it better for teamwork.

Overall, I think that the best thing to do is to not overdo it.  Prezi feels fresh, new and quite exciting. It makes the whole presentation much more interesting to the eye and, to be frank, less boring and linear than PowerPoint. You need to be careful with the zooming in and out, but otherwise it makes the whole process a little bit less painful than a regular oral presentation, and for that reason only, it is worth using Prezi over PowerPoint.