OneNote – Why use Word if you can use OneNote?

by freepogos4all


Microsoft Word has been there for a good part of our lives. People use it and assume it to be the best way to take notes using a computer or tablet in class, at work, or anywhere for that matter. It’s easy to use, and since we are creatures of habit, we then to go back to what we know. However, OneNote has much more to offer than Word when you want to take notes, and here’s why.

First of all, everything is shared in an online Cloud. It is also compatible with Android or iPhone. That way, everything you write on the computer will be found on your cellphone and your tablet, and vice-versa. You don’t have to worry about losing anything, all you need is an internet connection et voilà! But what makes OneNote better than word is how you can type in your notes.

OneNote offers flexibility and easier searching than Word. In OneNote, you can click anywhere and start typing, you can add almost anything and you can move stuff around without screwing everything up. Moreover, you can tag your notes in OneNote, making it an easy way to re-organise and spot here is the information you want.

Some people, as mentioned on this article, even prefer using OneNote over Smart Notebook. This allows, with the Cloud, to add information directly from your iPad, and next time you open it on the Smartboard, it’ll be there.

What’s more, both the students and the teacher benefits from such a product. For instance, there is the record option for audio and video. When teaching, you most likely have to teach the same material over and over again to different classes. The record option helps reduce the work load of the teacher. The first time he explains it, he just presses the record button. That way, whatever he’s writing on the board, like a drawing for instance, will be recorded. For another class or if a student would like to see what exactly the steps for the drawings were, you can simply replay it. That way, if it is done well the first time, you can just use the same template and explain while the drawing will be done automatically on the board. Also, since it is a OneNote document, you can also share it with your students, so that when doing their homework, they’ll be able to see and hear the explanations again.

Overall, OneNote can replace both Word and the Smart Notebook in class. It allows for more creativity than Word and is easier to share across devices than the Smart Notebook is. On top of that, One Notebook supports almost anything you might want to add, whether it be pictures or videos. Also, the record option is extremely useful for students who want to see the explanation again at home (if you share it with them) or those who missed class. So, what are you waiting for? There’s only one place to take notes…OneNote