Make it Pinteresting!

by freepogos4all


When starting your career, it can be difficult to find all the inspiration you need to make a classroom interesting for your students. There are many different ways in which a classroom can be organised and decorated, and teachers are often willing to share their ideas with others. As mentioned here,  Pinterest is a great way to share that information. Using the work of others as inspiration will allow you, as a teacher, to create the most suitable  environment for your very own classroom. You can also find many activities proposed by other teachers and use them in your class. Moreover, you can follow people who you think are posting interesting stuff in order to get an update on what they do.

However, how can your students use Pinterest for their own learning?  According to this blog, many activities can be done using Pinterest. For instance, if your students are on their last year of high school, you could to a ”College Planning” activity. You can let students research a college or C.E.G.E.P. they plan on attending for the following year and, using information found on Pinterest, they pin information related to their maybe-future-school, such as virtual tours, sport teams, special events or well-known teachers working there. Afterwards, students can share their board with the whole class, and everyone can see the different choices there is for college.

Moreover, as Susan Wells mentions on Steve Spangler’s Science‘s website, it can also be a good way to learn more about special holidays, such as Halloween. The teacher can set up a contest, where students need to find the most frightening or silly costume on Pinterest, and then the class votes. The winning can win more Halloween candies. Also, teachers can find activities or projects related to a specific holiday, in order to stay in the student’s range of interests.

Overall, Pinterest is a board where you can find tons of information to help teachers and students learn more about almost anything. There’s a ton of ways to use it, the trick is to find your field of interest and follow the right people.