iPad in classroom – why not?

by freepogos4all

Photo by Yakir Zur

The introduction of technology in classroom is more and more present nowadays. People like using ICTs to help their students learn, and students love it as well. However, what can be the benefits of such implementation of ICTs in classrooms? Let’s take a look at the iPad, and see how useful it can be.


Have you ever felt lazy, so lazy in fact that you didn’t want to carry your heavy books around? Or maybe having different books for many different classes is a drag for you, and you’re just the type to forget them at home? Well, with the use of iPads in class, the only think you’ll need is your iPad! With its slim design, it makes the perfect thing to carry around. Moreover, you only have one thing to carry around! Perfect for everyone!

The potential of the iPad is unlimited. There are over one million applications that you can download from the App Store, and many of them are educational. So the real question is, how to make use of that technology in a way that students will benefit to a greater extent than traditional teaching? Well, for starters, you can make your class paperless! Helping students learning AND being environmental friendly, how to kill two birds with one stone! Basically, the main thing you need is to have Google Drive set up on your iPad. Then, you make your students create a Gmail account, and teach them how to use Google Drive. That way, any project they do can be written directly on their iPad, and they can easily share it with the teacher once it’s complete. After, the teacher can add comments and correct directly on the virtual paper. For more information on how to exactly set up everything, visit Te@chthought’s article on the matter.

Another useful thing you can do with iPads in class are to set up a virtual field trip. You most likely won’t ever have the possibility to visit the Louvre museum in Paris and the Yellowstone National Park during the same hour. However, using the Skype app on the iPad, you can make your class visit almost anything! If you cannot go to the mountain, make the mountain come at you! This is how Monica Mitchell thought when she had the idea to make her students visit the Royal Navy Museum in Portsmouth, England. An employee there made the visit using an iPad and Skype, and the whole thing was projected on the classroom’s Smartboard. The employee could also see the students with the use of a webcam and could answer their questions.

There are always some factors which you can’t predict in life. We can feel fine one day, and feel like crap the other. However, for students, being sick and missing one class can be a big deal, as you can miss important information provided by the teacher. As mentioned here, video conference can help deal with that. Let’s say one of your student is sick and has to spend a whole week at the hospital. You most likely don’t want your students to miss out all of what will have been taught during the week. Using video conference, students can watch your course simultaneously, whether they’re in their hospital bed or at home lying down on their sofa. This cannot be a permanent solution, however it can help students catch up when they cannot physically attend your class.

I could spend my whole life explaining how which and which application is useful in a classroom and I wouldn’t be able to explain them all. There is a crazy amount of stuff you can do with your iPad, but the best way to do it is try yourself! And the most important thing is, have fun while doing it.